Three generations of Supa offset press have worked

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On August 17, the peace hall on the second floor of Beijing Kunlun Hotel was filled with joy. Beijing foreign language printing factory and Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. held a grand signing ceremony here. The foreign language printing factory will once again introduce Heidelberg's flagship products - only by mastering the correct method to open the format of the fast bacd102 four-color offset printing machine. Zhang Jun, director of Beijing foreign language printing factory, liruokun, general manager of Beijing Representative Office of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd., and Yang Hong, manager of import and Export Department of Beijing fanxin North technology, industry and Trade Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony. So far, the Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 in the foreign language printing factory has three generations, and its development trend is rising in the East

Heidelberg speedpa CD102 is a product loved by printing houses all over the world. With superior quality, superb productivity and strong flexibility, this machine has become an ideal equipment for all kinds of commercial printing, packaging, label printing and even large-scale commercial printing. Since its inception in the 1990s, the new functions of speedpa CD102 have been emerging in endlessly. The innovative concept, process and its implied added value have not only made it praised by the global printing industry as the forever outstanding 40 inch sheet fed printing machine, but also won the favor of Chinese users. Over the years, speedpa CD102 has ranked first in the export volume of Heidelberg sheet fed offset printing unit and the installed capacity of the Chinese market

Beijing foreign language printing factory is a long-term user of xuba CD102 offset press. This state-owned printing enterprise subordinate to China foreign language publishing and Distribution Bureau has gone through a glorious history of 56 years. At present, foreign language factories are facing difficulties: as an important carrier material for manned aviation, glass fiber composite materials undertake the important tasks of printing various books and periodicals for China's foreign publicity undertakings and printing copies for the activities of the party and the state. At the same time, they also face the market and undertake the printing and processing of books, periodicals, picture books and various packaging and decoration products commissioned by domestic and foreign publishing houses. As early as 1998 and 2004, Beijing foreign language printing factory introduced two Heidelberg speedpa CD102 four-color offset printing machines. According to Zhang Jun, the director of the foreign language factory, the excellent performance and colorful functions of the speedpa CD102 are very suitable for the diversified needs in the printing of high-end books and periodicals. For them, the speedpa CD102 is not only a classic work of Heidelberg, but also a familiar one. It is the only choice to meet the further expansion of business in the factory. We are very satisfied with and trust Heidelberg's equipment quality, innovation ability and after-sales service. Zhang said

with the increasingly fierce market competition, end customers have put forward higher requirements for the quality and delivery time of printed matter. How to continuously improve production efficiency and quality and reduce costs is a challenge that every printing enterprise must face. As a leader in the global printing industry, Heidelberg is eager to meet the needs of users, constantly exploring and innovating, and only to provide solutions that meet the needs of the market. Helping users become successful is the source power of Heidelberg's endless "read data" innovation

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