Introduction to operation panel of CK0630

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Introduction to CK0630 operating panel

ck0630 CNC lathe operating system is developed by Nanjing Machinery College. The control core of the machine tool is a numerical control device composed of a computer. All operations of the computer numerical control device and the machine tool control device are centrally installed on an operation panel composed of a machine tool operation panel and a CNC control panel. The following briefly introduces the operation panel and its functions of CK0630 CNC lathe control system

ck0630 control keyboard is mainly composed of three groups: function selection key, key and manual control key. The feeding effect and negative contraction amount will increase

I. function selection

after the machine tool is powered on, the screen displays as shown in Figure 3-2. At this time, press the screen prompt, and the operator can directly enter the required control state by pressing any function selection key

return to machine zero function key. Control the carriage to move to the zero point of the machine tool along the X and Z directions. After the system is powered on and started every time or the emergency stop during processing is interrupted, this function must be executed first, and then the automatic processing and tool setting control state can be correctly entered (automatic 3) automatic shutdown: processing after sample fracture)

automatic processing control function key. In this state, the system automatically controls the execution of the machining program


graph simulation control function key. In this state, the graphic simulation processing program can be executed to visually check whether the processing program is correctly compiled. At the same time, it can also point out that the number of cycles is 0, there are error code instructions and other errors. After the processing program is compiled, the graphic simulation can be carried out first, or the drive switch can be turned off for automatic execution once, so as to find problems and correct errors in time


tool offset and backlash compensation setting function keys. After entering this state, the system can set the tool offset value of 8 cutters and modify it at will. At the same time, it can also set and modify the backlash compensation (.55mm) (manual)

manual function control key. In this state, the operator can manually control tool change, spindle speed change, spindle forward and reverse rotation, spindle stop, feed rate rise and fall, and X and Z axis feed


status selection key. In this state, the operator can input, and modify the processing program

7.ext (Communication)

communication status entry key. In this state, the system can communicate with the disk drive, store the completed processing program, print the processing program or communicate with the PC online to reduce the occurrence of electric shock


m function search key. The screen displays all m function instructions and explanations. Including program pause and end, spindle forward rotation and reverse rotation, spindle stop, tool change, coolant on and off, etc


g function search key. The screen displays all G function instructions and explanations. Including absolute value mode programming, incremental mode programming, processing program origin setting, fast point motion, linear interpolation, clockwise interpolation, program delay, screw mosquito processing, returning to program origin along X and Z directions, subroutine call, cycle, metric (British) units and floating point origin setting, etc

II. Function

the following keys are valid when entering a function or inputting modified data:

number keys

Decimal point

- minus sign

eob program segment input

e data input (when it is clear the current program segment)

←→↑↓ move the cursor

cl to clear the current input data

del program segment deletion

insert program segment insertion

goto program segment retrieval


III. manually select

tool manual tool change: the tool change shall generally return to the program origin

fwd spindle forward rotation

rev spindle reverse rotation

off spindle stop

s ↑ spindle speed up

s ↓ spindle speed down

f ↑ feed speed up

f ↓ feed speed down

manual feed control

IV. other functions

x (z):x (z) return to mechanical zero point

Introduction to operation panel of CK0630婴儿能喝汉森四磨汤吗

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