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What is the difference between Panasonic steam oven nujk200w and nusc300b? Which model is good

Panasonic steam ovens nujk200w and nusc300b, as two popular Panasonic ovens, have attracted the attention of many friends. The main differences between the two ovens are: first, the appearance and power color of the two ovens are different. Nusc300b is the latest to be launched, with the appearance color of black and the power of 1500W. Nujk200w was launched earlier, with the appearance color of white and the power of 1350W; Second, the nusc300b supports the smart connection of tmall genie, but nujk200w does not support it. Other configurations and functions are the same. Relatively speaking, the performance of this Panasonic nusc300b needs to be upgraded a lot. Depending on your personal likes and needs, choose the Panasonic steam oven nujk200w or nusc300b

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Panasonic oven nusc300b

Panasonic oven nujk200w

Panasonic steam oven nujk200w and nusc300b quotation and comments:

1. Panasonic steam oven nujk200w:

reference price: ¥ 3498.00 (view JD event quotation)

user comments: the steam oven is very good, very tall and high, and the delivery is also very fast. It is simply a combination of steam and roast.Can't be more practical, The 2016 China smart factory was also held at the same time during the breakfast steamed buns, steamed buns, corn cobs, zongzi, etc. the 2016 China smart factory was completed according to the cleaning operation Summit Forum, Taizhou kelcai industry exchange and cooperation promotion meeting, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the source excellent products docking meeting of plastic daily necessities. It also brought its own menu, which can be steamed, roasted and fried. The operation is simple and powerful, It is a must-have artifact at home (2) tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile secant modulus of elasticity

2. Matsushita steaming oven nusc300b:

reference price: ¥ 4399.00 (check the latest promotional quotation)

user comments: it has a high appearance and is very high-grade. I like the function of the large steamer. 30 liters of the whole family is enough. There is no problem with steaming fish. I have used it for more than a week. I steamed fish, steamed eggs, steamed buns and baked sweet potatoes, Roast potato chips and chicken wings, and then heat the food. The effect of these things is good. Sometimes it takes more than half an hour to thaw the frozen fish

summary: Panasonic steam oven nujk200w and nusc300b generally speaking, the performance of this nusc300b will be better. I recommend this nusc300b. After all, it is a new model coming out later, and the performance has been upgraded a lot in all aspects


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