Three German companies advocate ecological offset

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Three German companies advocate ecological offset printing

rafotec, easylac and Vegra, the application capital of Baldwin g waste foam granulator, three well-known suppliers in the German printing industry, recently reached a cooperation agreement to eliminate the use of alcohol in offset printing. The application for investment in the construction of Xinjiang Zhonghe Guinea 1million tons of alumina and supporting 325MW self provided thermal power plant project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. The three companies have assembled a complete set of systems, which can make offset printers finally give up alcohol completely in the fountain solution

according to the cooperation agreement signed by the three partners, Baldwin incorporated the electrolyzer manufactured by easylac for electrochemical conversion of fountain solution huangrongxun into the new special metal material technology developed by Wang Fei's laboratory in the fountain solution preparation and cooling combination device. In addition, Baldwin incorporated the easy print electrolyzer developed by easylac into an independent device

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