UAV plant protection has great potential in vast r

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UAV plant protection has great potential in vast rural areas

on the afternoon of December 4, the "big, promising" new product launch of Xinjiang agriculture 2019 was held in Shenzhen. The new flagship plant protection UAV T16 was officially released on the site. Its load and 1-hour operation volume were increased from 10L and 90 Mu of the previous generation products to 16L and 150 mu respectively. The final official price was 31888 yuan (excluding the remote controller). After repeated investigation with cuilixin and his team The price of argumentation, study and research products is the same, and "increase the quantity without increasing the price" is realized. After the meeting, Chen Tao, director of agricultural sales of Dajiang, said in an interview that UAV plant protection has great potential in vast rural areas

UAV can become the key to agricultural digitalization and precision

South: what will be the layout of digital agriculture in Xinjiang in the future

Chen Tao: digital agriculture looks promising, but it is still a long way to go when it is actually put into operation. For example, no enterprise can complete the whole chain. Digital agriculture simplifies the four directions of "man-machine agent technology". The first is people, who cultivate talents with agricultural technology and have the corresponding ability to use agricultural technology; Machine is a machine. As the seller of technology, we strive to do a good job of machine; Cooperate with pharmaceutical factories to promote better cooperation between machines and reagents, so as to reduce costs. In addition, what the plant protection team and a wider range of service personnel want to do in their respective links needs to be constantly adjusted

in the United States, the arable land is vast, and it is capable of doing a lot of data collection. You can try to model or predict and verify it, but many regions in China do not have such conditions. In the future, UAVs can be seen not only as production tools, but also as equipment flying in the air. In the future, plant protection machines may add more sensors to obtain more data

South China: what are the problems facing plant protection

Chen Tao: China is actually the best market for plant protection UAVs, because 36% of the world's pesticides hit 8% of the world's arable land, which has been criticized by the outside world as a serious overdose. Plant protection UAVs have changed the spraying from extensive management to accurate spraying

in rural areas, most farmers are not well educated, and young people are unwilling to work in agriculture. Therefore, Dajiang and its partners, including local government agencies, work together to promote the popularization of machines. Our products are exported to Japan and South Korea. Why can the use of tension wheel torsion fatigue testing machine be done in their market? Because the degree of mechanization is very high. For example, Japanese plant protection pilots have existed for 30 years. They have professional skill certificates. It is not difficult to sell them UAVs. We are promoting the popularization of agricultural machinery in some provinces in China, which is a very meaningful thing

encourage plant protection to move towards a broader rural area

South: Dajiang has always emphasized that the plant protection team can earn money, but the average price per mu of spraying operations has been reduced from 10 yuan last year to 6 yuan. Will it be lower in the future? How can the plant protection team achieve sustainable revenue

Chen Tao: according to the data, the land that has been used for UAV plant protection in China accounts for 2% of the total cultivated land. Because the market has been educated, more and more plant protection teams are competing in this 2%. In order to get more orders, they will launch lower prices, and the profits will naturally decline

it has a very broad utilization prospect. On the one hand, considering that the efficiency provided by the plant protection team is cheaper than that of employing manpower, we also need more flexible commercial factors to activate new markets. The reduction of the price threshold actually gives more plant protection teams the motivation to explore new markets, which can improve the price war in some areas this year. For some plant protection teams who have foresight or are willing to try to open up new markets, Dajiang will also give them good enough machines and subsidy policies to make them think that if they make money in opening up new markets, the new markets will come out

on the other hand, if only pesticide spraying is provided, the price will inevitably go down. In order to let them find more profit points, we are also trying to make the flying hand more professional. If we integrate products such as pesticide sales, we can broaden their source of income. For another example, in the face of complex cash crops, previous generations of plant protection machines have been operating poorly. With the improvement of machine performance, at the beginning of this year, we released the tea garden mode, which can operate automatically, greatly reducing the technical threshold and allowing more plant protection teams to find new sources of income; The release of orchard mode has also brightened the pharmaceutical enterprises' eyes. In the future, new cash crops or operation modes can be developed with partners. Gao Xiaoping, southern China

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