UAV investigation helps Hefei police destroy a mob

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On March 25, Shushan branch of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched more than 50 police to skillfully use UAV detection to successfully destroy a mobile gambling dens hidden in a wilderness, and arrested 35 suspected criminals on the scene

recently, the public security brigade of Shushan branch learned during work that mobile gambling dens were set up in Nangang, Xiaomiao, Jinggang and other areas under its jurisdiction, and there were a large number of gambling people every day, which seriously affected the local social order

Shushan branch attached great importance to this, and then launched in-depth investigation. Through investigation, the police found that this was a gang with a clear division of labor, and the gang members were highly vigilant. Casinos were usually set up in the wilderness where vehicles were difficult to pass. Abandoned houses, abandoned sheds and factories were used as concealments, and sometimes even directly set up tents in the wilderness. During gambling, special people are responsible for watching around. The time and place of each gambling are not fixed. Generally, they usually notify the gambling place temporarily. They gather people to gamble in Shushan, Jingkai, Feixi and other areas. After receiving the notice, the gamblers go to gamble on their own. These gamblers gather familiar "friends" through intermediaries. They have a large number of people and complex personnel, It makes it difficult for the police to arrest and actively calculate the key parameters such as the maximum force, tensile strength, compressive strength and yield point

in order to find out the exact address of gambling dens, the synthetic warfare room of Shushan public security branch used UAVs to search the wilderness within tens of kilometers of the area. After several days' efforts, on March 24, the police successfully mastered the specific location, gambling participation, sentinel points and other key information of many gambling dens. That night, the security brigade formulated a detailed arrest plan according to the aerial photos drawn by the UAV

at noon on March 25, the public security brigade, together with Jinggang police station, amber police station, synthetic warfare room and other departments, set up an arrest team and gathered more than 50 capable police forces to prepare for the capture. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the capture operation and avoid alerting the snake, the capture team was on standby 1 km away from one of the dens in advance, and the synthetic warfare room used UAVs to investigate the area at high altitude

At about 13:00 p.m., the gang members arrived at the dens as scheduled, and soon set up the casino tent. The gamblers also came from everywhere to gamble. At about 14:00, the gambling had officially started, and the gamblers were completely immersed in the gambling. When it was necessary, the manager or operator could back up regularly (for example, one year) and remove them, the time was ripe for arrest. At the command of the on-site leader of the arrest team, the participating police rushed into the dens as soon as possible because of the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory, and controlled the gamblers who were still immersed in gambling one by one, At the same time, the synthetic warfare room controls the UAV to descend, and takes close-up photos of the scene to fix the relevant evidence of crimes

due to the large number of people involved in gambling, a small number of people fled in all directions, but were firmly locked in the air by UAVs. Some fled to the woods, some hid in the grass, but were all captured by the police one by one. The whole operation lasted 30 minutes. The task force controlled 22 people at the scene and captured another 13 people in the nearby woods, grass, ridges and other places. More than 30000 yuan of gambling money, several gambling equipment and two walkie talkies were seized at the scene

according to the suspect Ge (male, 45 years old, from Hefei) who opened the casino, the Hefei police have been carrying out the "anti pornography and anti gambling" work. In order to escape the attack of the public security organs, they have been wandering around the suburbs of Hefei to gamble. They don't want to be caught by the police. According to the investigation, the main way they gambled was to "push Pai Gow". Within one hour in the afternoon of that day, they made more than 5000 yuan from the "water tank" used for "pumping water". Each time they gathered people to gamble, they could illegally make tens of thousands of yuan

"in recent years, I have lost nearly onemillion in gambling. In order to turn over the profits, I sold my house, but I still lost." One of the gamblers regretted when asked by the police

at present, two people, including Ge, who opened the casino, have been criminally detained by Shushan public security branch according to law, and nine people who participated in gambling and provided conditions for gambling have been administratively detained according to law. The case is still under further investigation. (zhangyipu Intern sunjingfeng)


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