Introduction to parameters of hydrometer

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The density hydrometer is mainly applicable to crude oil and petroleum products, chemicals, beverages, alcoholic beverages, food fats, spices, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Automatic program, simple operation, LCD display all test data results

technical parameters of hydrometer

1 Measurement method: natural vibration period measurement method 2 Other measurement also includes automobile industry, small and medium-sized electronics and home appliance manufacturing industry: g/cm2 3 Measurement accuracy: (density: ± 0.00002g/cm3; temperature: ± 0.02 ℃) 4 Repeatability: sd:0.00005g/cm3; Temperature range: 4--70 ℃ 5 Measurement time: 1) manual operation for 1-4 minutes 2) automatic operation for 2-10 minutes first, the loading and unloading test force of the testing machine is stable 6 Consumer power: ac220v/100w 7 The ruler has reduced the overall weight of the package by 25%. Inch: 385 (W) *490 (d) *411 (H) mm 8 Weight: 15kg spot welder

hydrometer main features

1 It has the function of PC card, which further expands the memory capacity of the measured data, provides convenience for users to add a separate concentration conversion platform, and can be used with the refractive index meter. 2. the built-in sampling and drying pump greatly facilitates the cleaning and drying of the measuring tank. 3. the built-in constant temperature function can stabilize the temperature in a short time, with short installation time and high work efficiency. 4. built in brix, alcohol conversion platform and petroleum product measurement temperature and density conversion platform


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