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In recent days, Guangzhou citizens have been fighting against the epidemic with one heart, and new weather is emerging on the streets

"special interval" and "triangle seating method" lengthen the dining interval to achieve the prevention and control effect, and one-time menus to avoid cross infection... Guangzhou restaurants have a lot of tricks; The public chopsticks and spoons initiative jointly launched by Guangzhou civilization office and Guangzhou and Guangdong catering service industry association has realized the general mobilization of the whole city; The community practice of "four needs and four don'ts"... Scenes of epidemic prevention in public places demonstrate the confidence and wisdom of Guangzhou citizens in fighting epidemic diseases, and also make everyone firmly believe that a civilized and healthy lifestyle will usher in a healthier future

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the distance between the dining tables in the hall is not less than 1 meter - this is one of the guidelines Guangzhou has made for the resumption of work in the catering industry. To achieve this prevention and control goal, it is necessary to carry out "space guidance". The restaurants have come up with many easy tray devices and alarm devices

in the "Taoyuan hall" of the Chinese restaurant of the Garden Hotel, we can see that the distance between the tables in the hall is up to 2 meters. In order to avoid dinner and table sharing, the large round table is removed from the hall, and the small round table with a concrete base should be installed in advance, and the number of places is reduced by half than usual. In the "Yunxuan" of the Chinese restaurant of Conrad Hotel, there must be a "not used" table in the middle of each table in use. Diners eat at intervals. "Special space" is a common practice of restaurants. In addition, there is a clever "triangle seating method". When the guest is seated, the table next to the left and right sides of the table shall not be occupied, and the guests will only be arranged to eat at the far inclined table

it is noted that some restaurants in Guangzhou also have a "no touch point" service to reduce direct contact and communication. In KFC stores, citizens can use their own self-service ordering machine or place orders on the self-service ordering machine to reduce the contact between people during the ordering process. The self-service ordering machine is regularly disinfected many times a day. After the meal is finished, citizens can get their own meal at the counter with the meal taking number. Some restaurants are equipped with self taking shelves and signs to facilitate citizens to take their own meals

the "public chopsticks initiative" triggered the general mobilization of the whole city, and the small table under the epidemic prevention and control is also affecting the great health. In the face of the epidemic, Guangzhou has actively promoted the transformation of table culture and helped citizens develop a new healthy fashion

on February 24, Guangzhou civilization office, Guangzhou and Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association jointly issued the initiative of "using chopsticks and spoons to promote the construction of civilized dining tables in Guangzhou", calling on citizens to use chopsticks and spoons at home or when dining out; It is suggested that all catering enterprises take the initiative to provide supporting service facilities and actively guide consumers to use public chopsticks and spoons. The "public chopsticks initiative" quickly triggered the general mobilization of the whole city. 117 star hotels, well-known catering enterprises and 193 communities quickly joined the initiative of this newspaper. Citizens have launched personal initiatives to gather the efforts of all sectors of society to jointly promote the construction of civilized dining tables in Guangzhou

On March 2, the guidelines for the implementation of chopsticks and spoons in the catering service industry of Guangdong Province (for Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines) jointly formulated by Guangzhou and Guangdong catering service industry association was officially announced. The guidelines provide clear operational guidance for Guangdong food and beverage outlets to practice the "public chopsticks and public spoons system" from the aspects of public chopsticks and public spoons configuration and management of nanofront ultra-fine polyester fiber, implementation according to actual scenarios, improvement of processes and strengthening publicity and guidance. Many food and beverage outlets have taken the initiative to implement the public chopsticks system in their stores

qiaomei catering group, a well-known local catering enterprise in Guangzhou, has implemented the public chopsticks system in its stores since 2003, and has remained unchanged for 17 years. Yanghaoyi, chairman of the board, vigorously promoted the public chopsticks action. He said that he supported this initiative by "raising both feet". "Using public chopsticks is to respect others and protect ourselves. Sharing food is a traditional Chinese culture, but we can choose clean sharing and sanitary sharing. There is no conflict between the two.". He believes that every restaurant should adhere to the implementation of public chopsticks system to the best of society

the hot pot table, which used to "stir the steaming air together", also began to accept public chopsticks. Haidilao told that the store had previously provided public chopsticks to diners in the service, and has standardized the service at the company level since January 2019, distinguishing the color of public chopsticks. Now, we will also actively encourage and advocate diners to eat with public chopsticks, strengthen the promotion and implementation of public chopsticks, and establish a healthy and civilized dining and lifestyle through the appearance differentiation of public chopsticks and in meal reminders

"four needs and four don'ts" enter the mind and heart

"wear masks, wash hands frequently, clean frequently, exercise more; do not go out, do not get together, do not visit the house, and do not have dinner." four needs and four don'ts "mantra and posters cover public places in Guangzhou, constantly reminding the majority of residents to effectively prevent and control the epidemic. In the prevention and control of public places, people from all walks of life have fully mobilized the masses, pooled their efforts, and put the "four needs and four don'ts" into their minds and hearts

"wear masks and wash hands frequently..." a few words floated from the sky—— In the sky over Shiling Town, Huadu District, a 5g epidemic prevention UAV circled back and forth. It carried out high-altitude epidemic prevention propaganda through Putonghua and Huadu local dialect in turn, and spared no effort to assist government units in the "epidemic" of returning to work and production. It is reported that in addition to being able to shout at high altitude, the epidemic prevention UAV also has the functions of high-definition panoramic video monitoring and high-altitude disinfection in complex areas

"wash hands frequently and clean frequently" is paid more attention in public places. In Datong restaurant, in addition to the original high-temperature disinfection dishwasher, the restaurant is also equipped with disinfection cupboards in the hall for secondary disinfection of tableware. Each waiter wears a mask and disposable gloves. After the dishes are prepared, they are immediately covered and sent to the diners. He, the manager of Baifu square store of Guangzhou Restaurant, said that after the guests have finished eating, the staff will clean up immediately. The used tableware will be disinfected in a basin for 20 minutes before cleaning. After the table is cleaned, it will take 10 minutes for the next group of diners to be seated. At the same time, Guangzhou restaurant also prepared a one-time menu to avoid cross infection caused by menu contact when diners order

weizelin, a citizen living in Haizhu District, said that in public places in Guangzhou, citizens are very actively involved in the fight against the epidemic, and prevention and control measures are also taken from the daily life and work. "We are all gradually improving our health awareness and developing healthy habits." He said that he firmly believed that Guangzhou citizens would embrace a healthier lifestyle


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