UAV patrolling the river to realize no dead angle

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"Unmanned aerial vehicle" patrols the river to realize no dead angle monitoring

the sample size of river guard is small to the diameter φ The 0.005mm gold wire men's operation takes the guide rail as the most important to control the UAV to patrol the river, effectively discovering the blind areas of some river sections and improving the patrol efficiency. (photographed by lianzhicheng)

a news from our newspaper (Wuling

specially invited Wang Ya and liuhongqiao) recently learned that Taoyao Town, Meixian district has taken innovative measures to use "UAVs" to patrol the river, and integrated resources to establish "river guards" to solidly promote water control and river protection

at Taoyao section of Songyuan River, we saw "river guards" wearing blue vests printed with the words "patrolling the river to protect the water and environment, grasping and managing the river together to make the river more beautiful" walking along the river to clean up the river garbage, or distributing the "river protection proposal of Taoyao town" to nearby villagers, and some team members were using "UAVs" to patrol the river. "According to the distribution of water systems in the jurisdiction and the residence of team members, we have divided 10 patrol areas, implemented standardized management, and regularly carried out river patrol according to the formulated management system and river patrol responsibilities." Yangyuqing, the captain of the "river guard" said that the "UAV" patrolling the river can avoid dead corners and blind spots, and save a certain amount of manpower

"after the ecological environment has been treated, egrets have become our 'regular visitors'." Lin Qiao, deputy mayor of Taoyao Town, pointed to the crystal clear river water and told him that on the basis of the full implementation of the river length reduction system, the lake head system and the treatment of small and medium-sized rivers, Taoyao town integrated the human resources of the original fire station and carried out professional training, and established the "river guard". After a series of efforts, the river environmental treatment has achieved remarkable results, and the villagers' awareness of environmental protection has also been improved


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