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UAV patrol, infrared monitoring... The power supply company spared no effort to guarantee the power supply for the enterprises returning to work and production. In the early morning of February 20, the staff of the county power supply company came to Minji pharmaceutical to conduct a comprehensive inspection of various power supply facilities and electrical equipment in the enterprise's power distribution room to understand the power demand of the enterprise in detail. "As the first pharmaceutical enterprise to return to work, I am relieved that you have inspected the company." Lidan, head of Minji pharmaceutical, thanked the power supply staff

since the beginning of the epidemic, the county power supply company has spared no effort to ensure the normal power transmission of our county and the power supply of key epidemic prevention units. On February 12, the Dayu power supply station of the county power supply company received a report for repair from Daixi Xinfeng Yipin farm. Through on-site inspection, it was found that phase a at the upper end of the power supply at the low-voltage side of the circuit breaker of the special transformer in the farm was burnt out. After the safety measures were taken, the first-aid repair personnel disconnected the circuit breaker, opened the knife switch and iron drop fuse, and replaced the phase a wiring terminal at the upper end of the circuit breaker, which is widely used in the engineering testing industry. Within half an hour, it was restored for Jinan Shijin to share the installation method of the electronic tensile testing machine with everyone

at the 35kV Xihu village substation, we saw that the personnel of the operation and maintenance department were carrying out daily inspection on the equipment with an infrared thermometer. "A few days ago, affected by the cold wave, the temperature dropped sharply. In order to ensure the normal power supply during the cold wave, our operation and maintenance department paid close attention to the operation of electrical equipment and weather conditions, timely started the relatively simple operation scheme of the experimental principle of the emergency pre cupping experimental machine, and carried out all-round equipment line patrol inspection. Except for the areas where the epidemic situation is isolated and cannot enter, the 35kV substations and lines in the county are measured by infrared temperature," UAV + manual " Carry out equipment diagnosis by means of patrol inspection. " The staff said to him. "During the whole epidemic period from the Spring Festival to now, no fault has occurred to 35kV Transmission Equipment in the county."

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it is understood that the county power supply company attaches great importance to the power guarantee work for enterprises related to the resumption of work and production, and requires relevant departments and power supply stations to establish a 24-hour docking service mechanism with enterprises, timely understand the power demand of enterprises, solve the power consumption difficulties and problems in the resumption of work and production, and actively do a good job in various power services, Make every effort to ensure the normal power supply for the resumption of work and production of all enterprises


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