UAV manufacturers are seeking air control 0

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UAV manufacturers are seeking air control

in February this year, the FAA, which is planning UAV regulation, agreed to exempt the insurance company state farm from the UAV ban, which can test the use of UAVs in claim inspection. On March 19, the FAA granted Amazon () an exemption to continue testing its UAV for delivering packages. In Portland, Oregon, skyward, a start-up company, is promoting a UAV traffic control system that allows thousands of UAVs to pass through the city without colliding with each other or endangering personal safety

skyward is cooperating with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States and the three largest UAV manufacturers in the world. Therefore, revising the electronic universal experimental machine is a very important preliminary preparation - China's Xinjiang innovation, the United States' 3D robotics and France's Parrot - to prove that groups of UAVs can coexist safely in crowded airspace. "It is important to apply the regulatory framework to a new aviation infrastructure." Jonathan Evans, co-founder and CEO of skyward, said. The software project, called urban skyways, is similar to the traditional air traffic control system in design, but can be used at 1200 feet (about 366 meters) or lower, said parimal kopardekar. Copadkar is responsible for NASA's UAV coordination test, and his researchers are also spending time on this project

marcos Osorno, chief technology officer of skyward, said that urban skyways will load skyward's cloud software into each UAV and the computer used by the UAV operator. The software will draw the path of all UAVs equipped with the software, so that dispatchers of companies such as Amazon or UPS can log in to the system, submit flight plans, and receive an automatically generated route from the delivery start to the destination, so as to help the UAV avoid other aircraft. The flight plan will also take into account relevant regulations of local and federal governments. "The first question our system must answer is: 'where can we fly safely?'" Osorno said

at present, there are few places for UAVs to fly safely and the distance is not long. If the FAA regulations on commercial UAVs are adopted, the range of UAVs will be limited to the operator's line of sight. The regulation will also prohibit drones from flying over unprotected bystanders. The FAA acknowledges that technological progress can persuade it to modify or reformulate the UAV management regulations that will be implemented about next year, but there is no guarantee in this regard

Evans said that he once worked as a helicopter pilot, so he believes that UAVs can operate safely in cities. "I always fly at low altitude in urban areas," he said. "There are traffic rules in the air, and skyward is extending these rules to UAVs." Evans and Osorno met more than a decade ago. At that time, they were both American helicopter pilots stationed in Germany. Evans later flew medical helicopters in Portland and anchorage, Alaska

skyward and its partners are going to charge annual fees to UAV operators using traffic control software. Tensile samples should meet the tensile test requirements of relevant national and industrial standards for different materials, so as to obtain income. At present, skyward provides consulting and cooperation for the company in UAV operator training and FAA regulatory compliance. In July last year, the company with 12 employees received $1.5 million in venture capital from Voyager capital, Draper associates and Toivo Annas, former development director of Skype. Skyward declined to disclose its revenue

Christian Ramsey, planning manager of exelis, a large US defense contractor, said that exelis would publish guidelines focusing on UAVs on the basis of the tracking system of manned aircraft. Skyward engineers say their expertise in low airspace and the participation of three leading UAV manufacturers give them an advantage. In addition, Evans said that UAV traffic control is more like managing "flying" than Boeing 747

skyward and its partners plan to show their traffic control software in London, Vancouver, Las Vegas and Portland from May to September this year. When purchasing any one machine, it is first necessary to specify their own experimental purposes. Osorno and Evans say they spend most of their time designing demonstration routes that will be impressive - and safe

3d robotics has raised US $110million to turn commercial UAVs into mainstream products. "Ensuring security and reliability is a very important part," said chrisanderson, CEO of the company. "We very much hope skyward can ensure this."


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