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The three giants of foreign investment in coatings wrestle with China november18,2002 although Nippon has factories in more than a dozen countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas, its most important market is the Asia Pacific market. It is reported that Nippon's sales in China last year exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. Nippon has established a huge sales system in China

Nippon plans to invest 300million yuan in Guangzhou Development Zone to establish the state's most advanced production plant in China. It is expected that it will be put into use in 2003, with an annual output of at least 100000 tons

In the domestic paint market, the three letters of ICI have almost become synonymous with a class of paint, which shows the position of ICI in China's paint market

in June this year, Charles Smith, chairman of ICI Group, revealed during his visit to Shanghai that the total investment of ICI in China has reached US $110million, and the investment locations are concentrated in Guangdong and Shanghai

Mulally, CEO of China, revealed that ICI will locate its R & D center in Guangzhou. ICI will also consider increasing the capital of the two companies in Guangzhou and Shanghai at an appropriate time

AkzoNobel has a long-term perspective

AkzoNobel is the world's largest paint manufacturer and supplier, which will eventually accelerate the decay rate of material toughness 3 The tortuous process needs to be carried out in a more stable movement in China's plastic machinery enterprise market. It has dozens of well-known brands in the global coating field, including Lai Wei

paint. As the world's largest coating company, AkzoNobel is not too late to enter the Chinese market, but it is obviously backward compared with ICI in Britain and Nippon in Japan. Liguohua, general manager of marketing and sales in AkzoNobel's

countries and regions, said: "AkzoNobel's strategy in the Chinese market is to build the brand of

first and focus on the long term."

in order to speed up investment in China, AkzoNobel will build a coating resin

unit in Suzhou China coating center, which is planned to be put into operation in 2004

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