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Shanghai cosmetic bottle manufacturer

as a first tier city in China, Shanghai has a very developed economy and rapid development. There are more and more types of cosmetics and cosmetic bottles, which are more and more beautiful. The following is a brief introduction to cosmetic bottle manufacturers in Shanghai, a developed city

Shanghai Yihan Industrial Co., Ltd.:

the company distributes wholesale cosmetic glass bottles, machine-made bottles, controlled bottles, molded bottles, and supporting bottle caps, droppers, drippers, etc. The company's products have achieved one-stop service from mold opening, sample, production, frosting, monochrome and multi-color printing, bronzing (silver) spraying to delivery, enjoying a high position in the industry. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with a number of cosmetics companies and agents. The company has a wide variety of products, including leading products such as skin care bottle, essence original solution bottle, perfume bottle, etc. it comprehensively provides high-quality supporting packaging services for domestic and foreign cosmetics enterprises, and creates a one-stop procurement convenience with fast supply. See more

Shanghai Yiyi rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.:

our company's main products include: brown glass bottles, high white glass bottles, cobalt blue glass bottles, green glass bottles, low borosilicate glass bottles, which are mainly used in medicine, reagents, daily chemicals, food, wine, and other fields. At the same time, they are equipped with pharmaceutical bottle caps, as well as glass bottle frosting, handcuffing, silk screen printing and other services. Medicinal glass bottle: sodium calcium glass injection bottle, brown oral liquid bottle, brown tablet wide mouth bottle, infusion bottle. Daily chemical glass bottle: aromatic essential oil bottle, perfume bottle, nail polish bottle, perfume bottle. Daily glass bottle: blue, green and brown beer bottle, drink bottle, sugar and salt jar. Reagent glass bottle: Boston bottle, handle glass bottle and control reagent bottle are equipped with special reagent bottle cap. Glass bottle cap: aluminum plastic combination cap, bakelite cap, aluminum cap, anti-theft cap, etc. Glass bottle decoration: frosting, handcuffing, silk screen printing. Shanghai Jianxin glass products Co., Ltd.:

Shanghai Jianxin glass products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a large daily chemical container group enterprise integrating painting, printing and ironing and related supporting "glass bottles, bottle caps and pump heads". The company is subordinate to Shanghai Jianxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. The company is located in Fengxian District of Shanghai, a prosperous international metropolis. It is only 30 minutes' drive from the city center. The traffic is very convenient. The plant covers a total area of about 10000 square meters and has three large-scale production lines, with an annual output of 50million bottles. The company strictly abides by the requirements of ISO9001:2000 international quality system, establishes a perfect management system, invests in a number of automatic advanced high-end production equipment, selects all imported ink, and completes every detail from order receiving to product delivery under strict monitoring, so as to meet the customer requirements of fast delivery and high quality. With a number of excellent technical requirements, the technology from color proofing to spraying production, printing and pressing, and UV coating is in the leading position in China. The company has been adhering to the management concept of "service, cooperation, standardization and innovation" and focusing on customers to "attach importance to quality and win-win public interests"; Establish partnership with cooperative manufacturers, integrate resources, provide honest services, and win the approval of customers and the market. Your success is my development. Jianxin people are eager to become your ideal partner. Jingjiang Huayang Coating Technology Co., Ltd.:

if the absolute moisture content is 5g/kg (referring to 5g of steam in 1kg of dry air)

Jingjiang Huayang Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and processing of cosmetic glass containers. It is also a domestic enterprise specializing in glass bottle coating, printing and bronzing and a manufacturer specializing in mass production for international cosmetics brands. We Huayang are working hard with great confidence and the firm belief of facing difficulties and striving for a first-class brand. On the basis of a high starting point, Huayang follows the business philosophy of people-oriented, respecting science and seeking truth from facts. Actively introduce experienced senior management personnel and professional technical personnel, strictly follow the production and operation rules in line with international standards, and have formed a complete set of perfect production and sales management system and quality assurance system while possessing advanced equipment and strong process technology development force. Huayang not only provides customers with high-quality services and products, but also expects to become an important part of the brand culture of various high-quality cosmetics. Looking ahead, there are still more challenges. Facing the colorful sunrise industry of cosmetics packaging, our business is full of charm and passion. The company aims to advocate the new trend of glass coating products. For us, every day is a new starting point. Huayang is willing to work with our customers and industry colleagues to create every miracle and realize our beautiful dream. View more

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