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Shanghai: condiments and quick-frozen products in bulk are not labeled with QS marks

from January 1 this year, ten categories of food, such as convenience food and quick-frozen food in bulk, must be labeled with QS marks before they can be sold. However, after visiting some hypermarkets, convenience stores and supermarkets, it is found that QS is still absent from the packaging of almost all condiments and bulk frozen foods

following the implementation of the market access system for five categories of food, such as rice, flour, oil, sauce and vinegar, the AQSIQ has announced the "new ten categories" of food. Meat products, dairy products, instant noodles, quick-frozen rice noodles, frozen drinks, puffed food, and tortuous semi-finished products should be stacked. 10 categories of food, such as seasonings (sugar, monosodium glutamate), beverages, biscuits, and cans, must also be marked with QS from January 1, 2005

yesterday, I visited some supermarkets, stores and retail stores in Shanghai where the overall situation of the paper industry is not optimistic. I found that most of the meat products, dairy products, beverages and other foods have been pasted with eye-catching QS signs on their packages in accordance with the regulations, but the condiments and bulk quick-frozen foods are still the same. Whether it is brand monosodium glutamate or ordinary chicken essence, there is no QS mark on the package, which is bound to expand the foam granulator. In addition to a few packaged frozen foods, bulk frozen foods are not labeled

a relevant person from the Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that according to the regulations, there is still a half year buffer period for the new 10 categories of food to be affixed with the QS mark, that is, the relevant enterprises can apply to the quality inspection department for certification before July 1. During this period, the food without certification can not be affixed with the mark temporarily, but after July 1, all the new and old 15 categories of food must be affixed with the QS mark before they can be sold


qs is the English abbreviation of "quali tysafety" of food. Food with QS mark represents all food production enterprises approved by the state. They must pass the mandatory inspection, and the food production license number and food quality and safety market access mark ("QS" mark) must be marked on the food package of the smallest sales unit before they can be sold out of the factory

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