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Shanghai: consumers are uneasy about "sticky paper QS"

yesterday, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission released the consumption tip No. 14 of this year: from now on, buy meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments (sugar and monosodium glutamate), instant noodles, biscuits. From these points, let's look back at 10 kinds of food, such as the popular simple weight friction machine experimental cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen noodles and rice food, puffed food, Pay attention to whether QS quality safety signs are pasted

the Consumer Protection Commission reminds: if citizens find that these foods produced after July 1 do not have QS marks, they can report to 12315, 12365 and other relevant administrative departments. However, during the interview, it was found that many consumers could not rest assured about the products pasted with the "QS certification" sticker mark

it was found in Changle store of Jiadeli supermarket yesterday that the cold drinks and biscuits of heluxue, Guangming, Master Kong and other brands were produced in April and may this year, but the new packaging with QS logo has been used for the goods, and some "new ten categories" of food have been pasted with QS certification stickers on the packaging. For example, the three tinned milk powder series of Dutch dairy children, instant milk powder and high calcium milk powder are all packaged with QS stickers. A consumer at the scene told him that a few minutes ago, he saw the factory staff pasting paper on these tinned milk powder. QS labels of "Danone Weishuang yogurt drink" and other foods sold by PARKnSHOP supermarkets are also pasted with sticky paper

according to the relevant person in charge of some supermarkets, for the products produced after July this year, the QS logo is directly printed on the package, which is particularly suitable for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials under extremely low temperature. However, for the products produced before this time, as long as they are within the warranty period, QS is pasted on them with sticky paper in the recent period; It is reported that the digital sequence information under the sticky paper "QS" represents the corresponding enterprises, and consumers can identify the authenticity based on this. The QS certification reports of relevant enterprises have been put on record, and the supermarket will check when purchasing goods

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