Shanghai Dalian road tunnel network scheme

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Shanghai Dalian road tunnel scheme

I, project overview

the total investment of Dalian Road Tunnel project reaches 16 5.5 billion yuan, with a total length of 2 5 km. The tunnel connects Dongfang Road in Pudong and Dalian Road in Puxi, and is divided into two "one to one" East and West tunnels

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the construction of the Dalian road tunnel is the first time in China that two super large shield machines are pushed forward in the two-line tunnel at the same time, reducing the total construction period; at the same time, the Dalian Road Tunnel project is also the first time in China to set up a connecting channel between the two-line tunnels.

the "three tunnels and one bridge" planned for the new round of Shanghai Huangpu River Crossing Project Dalian road tunnel, Fuxing Road Tunnel, outer ring road tunnel and Lupu Bridge. The Dalian road tunnel was completed in February2003

Dalian road tunnel is a newly-built river crossing tunnel to alleviate traffic congestion and improve urban roads in Shanghai. It is an important hub connecting Puxi and Lujiazui financial and trade zone. The whole tunnel is a two hole, two-way, four lane shield type. Each vehicle shall select several control vehicles. The road is 3.75 meters wide and 4.5 meters high, and the design speed is 40 km/h. The monitoring system is the center of the whole tunnel management. It has a central computer, equipment monitoring, and it still maintains the strength and demeanor monitoring, television monitoring, program-controlled switching, fire protection, broadcasting systems, etc. in the room temperature environment when the traffic is below 1650 ℃. It is a highly integrated management and control system, which coordinates the operation of all systems as a whole

II. Network topology

Network Overview

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III. network equipment selection

Hersman RS2 tube product series. High and low temperature impact testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory

project name, model and quantity

completion period

Shanghai Dalian road tunnel rail clamp type interchanger rs2-fx/fx 8 2003.2

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