Yuchai power injected into the school bus market t

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Yuchai power injects into the school bus market to escort "mobile school buildings"

Yuchai power injects into the school bus market to escort "mobile school buildings"

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Guide: as a mobile school building carrying the lives of children and students, the school bus carries both brilliant hope and heavy. This year, school bus safety was written into the government work report for the first time during the national two sessions; In April of the same year, after extensive consultation, the school bus safety management regulations was officially released

as a mobile "school building" carrying the lives of children and students, the school bus carries both brilliant hope and heavy

at the two sessions of the National People's Congress this year, "school bus safety" was written into the government work report for the first time; In April of the same year, the school bus safety management regulations, after extensive consultation, was officially issued and implemented. In 2012, the school bus was raised to an unprecedented height under the high attention of the whole society. Yuchai, as the engine manufacturer with the highest market share of school bus power in China, has contributed strength and wisdom to the progress of school bus power technology in China

in Yanliang District of Xi'an, a group of children are happily riding the school bus equipped with Yuchai engine

Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group and chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said, "to build the most competitive professional power supplier in the world is the vision of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd." Professionalism is the strong commitment of Yuchai Machinery to the society

Yuchai power injected into the school bus market

"this is a group of figures that all bus companies have calculated." Gaohesheng, deputy director of China Automotive Research Center, said that at present, 90million students and children in China need to take school buses. The market capacity of professional school buses will exceed 1million, and the annual renewal demand will also reach 150000. If the price of each school bus is calculated based on the middle value of 300000 yuan and multiplied by 1million, the data will be 300billion yuan. Plus the maintenance and other costs, the total size of the national school bus market will not be less than 400billion yuan, which is a huge cake for the upstream and downstream enterprises of school buses

Yuchai, who has accumulated many years of experience in the bus field, is more calm than its competitors in today's hot school bus market

on May 16, Yuchai held a special power conference for Yuchai school bus, which is "professional, loving and enjoying" - at the National Convention Center in Beijing. According to the special needs of school buses, it launched the "4416" special engine product combination for yc4fa, yc4d, YC4E, YC4G and yc6j school buses at one time to accurately meet the power needs of each 5.5-10 meter flat head and long head school bus segment. At the same time, Yuchai also launched the exclusive service policy tailored for the special school bus, which is also the first service policy for the school bus power market in China

Yuchai's move has set a high standard example for China's specialized school bus power. At the same time, gb/t 2828.1 ⑵ 012 sampling inspection procedures by attributes Part 1: the batch by batch inspection sampling plan indexed by acceptance quality (AQL) has also won high praise from industry experts

zouhuxiao, President of bus branch of China highway society, fully affirmed Yuchai's release of school bus special power. He said: "Safety is the core demand of school buses. How to provide children with a safe, reliable and comfortable school bus is not only something that vehicle enterprises should consider, but also something that the whole bus industry chain should actively think about. Yuchai is the first engine enterprise in the industry to launch a special power for school buses, which shows people a Yuchai who is full of love and dare to undertake the society, and also a Yuchai school with the perfect combination of technical strength and society Vehicle specific power. "

professional technology makes power model

as the "heart" of school bus, its performance is very important to the overall operation of school bus

zhouchuanwu, assistant general manager of Yuchai sales company, said that compared with ordinary models, school buses have special speed limit requirements, and the total quality is different from traditional vehicles

safety is the core demand of school bus, and it is also the most concerned problem of millions of parents. During the research and development of special power for school bus, Yuchai research and development team carried out special technical design in terms of fire prevention, flame retardancy and safe braking, effectively improving the safety of engine and vehicle operation

cuihuabiao, deputy chief engineer of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said: "Yuchai started to develop the special power for school buses very early. Yuchai school bus power has made a lot of efforts in terms of safety, such as the protection of brakes. Generally, the engines used in 5-6 meter buses are not equipped with engine brakes. In order to ensure the safety of school buses, Yuchai school bus power is equipped with engine brakes, which can extend the service life of the brake pads by more than twice. In addition, Yuchai school bus power also adopts anti-corrosion technology and vehicle harness Management, high temperature isolation, oil and electricity isolation, suspension damping technology and other aspects provide guarantee for school bus safety. "

based on the 1/4 technology that the zero difference of modern electronic control engine should not exceed the small division value, as well as modern communication, satellite positioning and network technologies, the intelligent level of school bus products has been improved through Yuchai Yineng vehicle terminal and platform system, and an interactive communication platform for people, machines and managers has been established. In combination with Yuchai's own strong service technology ability and comprehensive sinking service network coverage, Yuchai can provide immediate and active vehicle operation service and operation management service for school bus users, so that the school bus operation management can understand the running status of the school bus in real time and realize worry free operation

in the process of design and development of school bus special power and vehicle supporting development, in order to obtain better comfort, Yuchai R & D team used HVN technology modeling and analysis to optimize the structure, sound products and noise reduction of the engine, optimize the design of engine integration and mounting in the vehicle matching, reduce the vibration transmitted from the engine to the vehicle body, effectively reduce the noise, and greatly improve the comfort of the vehicle. At the special power press conference for school buses, wanglimin, Acting Deputy General Manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said: "Yuchai took the lead in launching the special power for school buses in China to reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment, which embodies Yuchai's care for the next generation."

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