Construction of Andritz fabric and roller Kunshan

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The construction of Andritz fabric and roller Kunshan factory expansion project started on November 20, 2020, and a foundation laying ceremony was held in Kunshan

Kunshan factory produces and supplies high-end pressed blankets and shaped lechal for the Chinese and Asian markets. Lechal can also be used as health tracking equipment. Secondly, consider whether there is air in the oil system. Built five years ago, the factory is the first Andritz fabric and roller factory in China to produce paper fabrics. Due to the strong market demand, the company decided to expand the plant significantly

the leaders of Kunshan Bacheng government, the management of Andritz fabric and roller Asia and all Kunshan employees attended the commencement ceremony

Bob Burke, President of Andritz fabric and roller Asia, said in his speech that the construction of the expansion project can not be started without the support and help of the Pakistani urban government. Kunshan has a convenient logistics system and a good business environment. In addition, Kunshan, which has outstanding people, is also a talent gathering place, providing us with excellent talents

the project will follow the sustainable circular economy development model and provide customers with green and environmentally friendly papermaking fabric products and solutions that are energy-saving, water-saving, and have many advantages of cannon LS10 mixing head and fiber raw materials


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