Research progress of edible packaging film at home

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Research progress of edible packaging film at home and abroad

edible packaging film is a film with porous complex structure formed by the interaction between different molecules with natural edible substances (such as protein, polysaccharide, cellulose and derivatives) as raw materials. In the developed countries of Western Europe, the plastic food packaging bags that were popular in the past have been gradually eliminated and replaced by new paper packaging bags and edible packaging bags. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China also implemented the project of "green packaging of chicken feathers everywhere in the end level 3 carton industry", that is, gradually develop volatile and reusable packaging materials by controlling the investment direction of the packaging industry

The edible packaging films of

protein mainly include soybean protein isolate film, zein film, wheat gluten film and whey protein film. Polysaccharide edible packaging films mainly include starch film, modified cellulose film, animal plant glue film, chitosan film and glucomannan film. The electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is a high-precision instrument connected with light, machinery and electricity. The research and application of composite edible packaging film is the current development trend. At least outside the United States, microbial copolyester edible packaging film not only has the advantages of good optical properties, transparency and luster, excellent physical properties, light weight and low density, stable chemical properties, easy forming and processing, and extensive substitutability of ordinary plastic film, but also has the characteristics of edible and complete biodegradability, so it has attracted the attention of all countries


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