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New progress has been made in the construction of the 700000 ton packaging paper project of Lulin paper industry which has not been put into operation for five years. Release date: Source: the internal reference of the paper industry has been preparing for construction since 2014. The 700000 ton annual output recycled packaging paper project of Lulin paper industry in Guangfeng County, which was originally planned to be put into operation in 2016, has been postponed for many times, and the project has made new progress recently

project introduction

the 700000 ton paper project of Lulin paper industry is an expansion project of Lulin paper industry. It started construction in April, 2014 with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, covering an area of 540 mu. After all, it is the largest recycled paper manufacturer in Jiangxi Province. Now we are preparing two production lines, namely, a 300000 t/a high-strength low weight corrugated base paper production line with a net paper width of 8m and a speed of 1300m/min, as well as overseas supporting OCC production lines, DCS, QCS and MCS systems. Another 400000 T/a high-grade Kraft linerboard production line is planned to adopt three fold paper machine with a width of more than 8m and a speed of 1500m/mi. Relevant departments are updating the national implementation plan n, introducing pulping lines and control systems from abroad, and building their own power workshop. After the project reaches the production standard, it can realize the main business income of more than 3billion yuan and the tax of more than 150million yuan. The project is a key large-scale project of the paper industry in Jiangxi Province. Phase I construction covers an area of more than 550 mu. In addition to the papermaking production line, there are also thermal power department, sewage treatment plant, clean 3, water station with oil return valve closed, raw and auxiliary materials and finished products warehouse, office and living facilities and other supporting facilities. 200 mu of land is to be prepared for phase II construction


I. capital construction: 90% of phase I construction has been completed. Including papermaking workshop, pulping workshop, automatic warehouse, manual warehouse, machine repair workshop, hardware spare parts warehouse, main raw material warehouse, thermal power plant workshop, sewage treatment, etc. the unfinished work is mainly ground finishing and wall painting in the workshop

II. Equipment installation: the main body of 2\e rewinder has been in place by 40%, the couch roll of the main body has been in place, the scraper water tray has been in place, the walking platform has been in place, and the desulfurization tower and dust collector are under construction

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