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Macallin teamed up with sina Xi to turn Weibo users to e-commerce. According to the news on March 3, CEO Gubeichun and CFO Zhang pang of macallin said at the financial reporting meeting that in 2010, the gross profit margin of private brands was about 40% to 45%, and third-party brands accounted for about 30% of Internet business revenue. In the future, we will increase investment in Internet business

the gross profit margin of private brands is 40%-45%

Zhang Bang said that in 2010, the gross profit margin of private brands was about 40-45%, and the third-party brands were 10-15% lower than private brands. Specifically, the proportion of third-party brands changed. At the end of 2009, third-party brands accounted for only 5% of the Internet business revenue, but by the end of 2010, it increased to about 30%

in addition, the proportion of Internet business in revenue increased due to its small particle size. In 2009, Internet orders accounted for 40% of the annual revenue, and 60% last year. Specifically, Internet orders accounted for two-thirds of revenue in the fourth quarter of last year. The call center business has declined, accounting for 60% of the revenue in 2009, but only one third of the revenue in the fourth quarter of last year

Gu Beichun said that in 2011, more third-party brands will be attracted, but they will be more selective and choose some products with different styles from their own brands. At the same time, the company will also increase the development of its own brand products to promote business growth

Weibo has great potential to promote the transformation of excellent resources to converging users in the gathering area into e-commerce users.

Gu Beichun said that mcallin's alliance with sina hopes to have the opportunity to take advantage of sina's traffic, but is still negotiating on specific cooperation methods in order to convert Sina users into e-commerce users. "Sina Weibo has more than 100million users, and there is great potential to transform active users of the service into e-commerce users."

Zhang Pang said that last year, he did not invest too much budget in large portals, including Sina, but put two-thirds of the advertising into the print media. But this year, we will invest in Internet marketing to improve efficiency through these marketing activities

Gu Beichun said that in 2011, the marketing expenses invested in the Internet will increase and the investment in the printed product catalogue will be reduced. "This also reflects our focus on the Internet business."

2011 capital expenditure plan: logistics investment of USD 40million

Zhang Bang said that in 2011, USD 40million will be invested in the construction of new logistics center, and USD 10million is expected to be invested in Internet infrastructure

"we have begun to build a new logistics center in Wujiang, which will greatly improve our order processing capacity. At the same time, we will still invest in digital display and microcomputer prices. Where are the Internet infrastructure, mainly computer systems and software, which will lead us to the next successful stage of e-commerce." Zhang said. Techweb

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