Machine replacement accelerates the edible fungus

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"Machine replacement" accelerates the edible fungus industry to move towards smart agriculture

correspondent jilijing of wangsuzhen

at the just concluded Provincial Agricultural Expo, the modern agricultural equipment exhibition area intensively displayed agricultural "robots" in the whole process of mechanized production of rice, tea and edible fungi, many of which are still high-end "representatives" in the field

from the semi mechanical and semi manual bagging machine in the 1980s to the fully automatic bagging machine with a working efficiency of 800 bags per hour, the three generations of edible fungi bagging machine exhibited by our city's mushroom Source Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. opened a "journey through" for the leaders and visitors to visit

one person sets bags, one person loads materials, and one person switches to the "loading" position to be responsible for compaction. Sixorseven people are required to bind the bag around... Since the production of mushroom sticks, shiitake mushrooms, agaric and other edible fungi in our city in the 1990s, at least more than 10 people are required to cooperate on the production site of mushroom sticks. Every spring and summer, when the edible fungus is used to make sticks, it is often the time when the rural areas need the most labor. Men, women, old and young join the battle day and night

since its establishment in 2013, mushroom source company has been committed to building "edible fungus automation experts", focusing on the key links and constraints in the production of edible fungi, such as rod making and inoculation, taking the lead in promoting the mushroom rod production line nationwide, and developing the first automatic inoculator of black fungus that can be used in the southern climate and conditions. Nowadays, the full-automatic bagging machine of mushroom source company ranks first in the country. Wherever there is edible mushroom production, mushroom source automatic equipment is helping the production

2016, mushroom source company developed the second generation bagging machine, and the bagging compaction and binding links were mechanized. At present, the enterprise has become a high growth scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has presided over the major scientific and technological project of Zhejiang Province, "development and process technology of bulk edible mushroom rod production line and automatic inoculation equipment of black fungus (Lentinus edodes)", and its products have entered the catalogue of new product subsidies piloted by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas in Zhejiang Province

with the support of scientific and technological equipment, mushroom farmers have not only been liberated from the traditional heavy and cumbersome production process, but also greatly improved the performance, technical specifications, characteristics and other parameters of the basic tensile testing machine such as production efficiency, quality and efficiency. Xudaqian, the head of Hongyun edible fungus cooperative, told us that last year, the cooperative introduced mushroom source automatic bagging machine. More than 4 million bags of mushrooms and fungus sticks a year finally bid farewell to the "crowd tactic". The total production period was more than 100 days, and the daily labor cost was reduced by nearly 2000 yuan

in the plant of mushroom source company, I saw the newly developed full-automatic bagging machine. As long as the prepared materials are poured, all processes are automated, including automatic bagging, automatic bagging, automatic mouth binding, automatic hole punching and glue pasting. The mushroom rods are sorted in an orderly manner, with a work efficiency of 800 bags per hour. It has become the mainstream machine for large-scale production

"mechanized large-scale production not only reduces the labor cost, but also promotes the standardization of the production of edible Sclerotinia. The quality of mushroom and winter ear is high. If the mushroom can be produced 20 days in advance, the benefit will increase significantly. However, the production of edible fungi is greatly affected by the season and climate, and the high temperature and humidity in summer. If it is produced in advance, it will be easy to rot when the fungus is produced." Yangzhenhua disclosed that the company is carrying out research on the automatic inoculation of edible fungi and the related environmental regulation and control of fungi, so as to make new breakthroughs as soon as possible and boost the efficiency of mushroom farmers

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