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The "harmony system" of CGNPC has been applied to 15 newly-built units in China. On January 21, China Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as CGNPC) held a 2021 media briefing in Shenzhen. China industry news learned from the meeting that the harmony system and its series of independent products have covered more than 90% of China's nuclear power plants under construction and in operation, and have made significant progress in the application of new fields

at the briefing, CGNPC also systematically disclosed to the public the high-quality development in production and operation, safety management, scientific and technological innovation, epidemic prevention and control, poverty alleviation and other aspects in the past year. With the official commencement of the construction of unit 1 of Zhejiang san'ao nuclear power project in 2020, the number of nuclear power units under construction by CGNPC has reached 7, with an installed capacity of 8.21 million KW. There are 24 nuclear power units in operation, with an installed capacity of 27.14 million KW. At the same time, the total installed capacity of new energy in China exceeded 24million kW, and the installed capacity of new energy in operation abroad reached 11.475 million KW, providing clean power to 17 countries and regions

harmony system achieves multi technology and multi reactor application coverage

Li Minggang, deputy general manager of Beijing Guangli Nuclear System Engineering Co., Ltd., said at the meeting that since the first set of application of harmony system in Yangjiang nuclear power unit 5 on May 22, 2018, it has been applied in 15 new nuclear power units in China, realizing the application coverage of multi technology and multi reactor. The stability and reliability of the United System in the commercial operation stage and on-site commissioning stage ensure the safe and stable operation of China's nuclear power units

the digital I & C system of nuclear power plant, referred to as DCS, is the nerve center of nuclear power plant and plays an important role in ensuring the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plant. Among them, only a few developed countries have mastered the technology of nuclear level DCS, which completes the functions of reactor safe shutdown and accident mitigation of nuclear power plants, and China has always relied on imports in the past

2010, Beijing Guangli Nuclear System Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangli nuclear) under CGN officially released harmony system, which is the first universal platform for nuclear level digital I & C system with independent intellectual property rights in China

in March, 2020, Guangli nuclear power signed the project agreement on emergency diesel engine I & C system for Hinkley point c nuclear power plant in the UK, and the harmony system products will be applied in European nuclear power plants for the first time. In addition, for the first time, the harmony system has been applied in the industrial anti-seismic protection system, nuclear grade water chiller control and protection system and steam turbine control system, further improving the level of localization and localization of major nuclear power equipment in China. At present, Guangli nuclear is also the only enterprise in China that has the qualification and performance of supplying nuclear grade chiller control cabinets

72.6% of the nuclear power operation indicators have entered the world advanced level. At the briefing, Yuan Changhong, a spokesman for CGN, disclosed that in 2020, CGN will achieve 272.19 billion kwh of electricity, an increase of more than 10billion kwh over 2019. In the whole year, about 220million tons of carbon dioxide was reduced from clean energy. The environmental protection benefit is equivalent to planting more than 610000 hectares of forests with wheel load sensors, which has made due contributions to global energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change

safety has always been the most concerned topic of the public for nuclear power. In 2020, 24 nuclear power units of CGNPC will maintain safe and stable operation. Among the WANO indicators of the World Association of nuclear operators, 72.6% have reached the world advanced level, and the average capacity factor has remained above 92% for three consecutive years, among which all WANO indicators of Ningde nuclear power unit 2 have reached the excellent value

it is worth mentioning that Shenzhen Daya Bay nuclear power base has frequently created world records for nuclear power operation. According to changqineng, spokesman of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd., as of January 21, the number of consecutive safe operation days of unit 1 of Ling'ao phase I reached 5312 days, which continued to refresh and maintain the international record of safe operation days of units of the same type, nearly 15 months ahead of the second ranked foreign units. At the same time, the WANO comprehensive index of 6 units in Daya Bay nuclear power base reached full score for the first time, the best level since the commercial operation. In addition, in the she (safety, health and environment) standardization of nuclear power operation and international benchmarking review in 2020, both CGNPC Daya Bay nuclear power company and Ningde nuclear power company were rated as grade 9, which is the first enterprise in China to achieve she grade 9. The exterior surface of the sign should be coated or colored sand slurry to make Daya Bay nuclear power and Ningde nuclear power achieve the world-class level in safety, health and environmental management

the installed capacity of new energy in China has exceeded 24million kW.

after more than 10 years of development, the total installed capacity of new energy in China has exceeded 24million kW. Chenshengli, assistant general manager of China Guanghe New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CGNPC new energy), said that as one of the pillar industries for the development of CGNPC, new energy added 4.05 million kW in 2020, and achieved the development goal of doubling the scale during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The installed capacity ranks first among domestic new energy enterprises, and has become the main force in the development of China's new energy industry

after making nuclear power a national business card, CGNPC has created a bright business card offshore wind power. Chen Shengli said that CGNPC new energy inherited the excellent gene of nuclear power and built offshore wind power with nuclear power standards. The 400000 kW offshore wind power project in NANPENG Island, Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, completed and put into operation in 2020, is the first single large-capacity project in operation in China and the first double ten offshore wind power project put into operation in Guangdong Province. Zhejiang Daishan No.4 234000 kW project took only two years from approval to parallel power generation, setting the fastest record in China. Zhejiang Shengsi No. 5 and No. 6 projects realized the commencement of offshore main works and the first batch of units and power generation in that year

it is reported that the industrial water for CGN offshore wind power will be used to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi and other coastal provinces. At present, among the offshore wind power projects under construction, Fujian Pingtan project has completed the hoisting of 12 turbines, of which 8 have been combined. Jiangsu Rudong H8 project has completed the hoisting of 2 fans, Shanwei Houhu project has completed the hoisting of 3 fans, and Huizhou Port Phase I project has completed the pile sinking of the first foundation

provide free rapid irradiation sterilization for 42million epidemic prevention materials

in the face of the sudden COVID-19, CGNPC has continuously contributed its technical strength to the fight against the epidemic. Yangxinchun, chief economist and spokesman of CGNPC nuclear technology development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CGNPC), introduced that CGNPC took orders when the epidemic was most severe, gave full play to the advantages of electron beam irradiation technology, helped the Ministry of industry and information technology to issue the emergency specification for radiation sterilization of disposable medical protective clothing (Provisional), and provided free irradiation sterilization services for 42million pieces of epidemic prevention materials, Compared with chemical fumigation requiring 7 to 14 days of analysis period, electron beam irradiation sterilization has high efficiency, no residue, can be taken immediately, and can be used immediately after elimination, thus greatly speeding up the production process of epidemic prevention materials. At the early stage of the epidemic, CGNPC switched to the production of more than 20000 tons of melt blown PP special materials for masks in wartime, effectively making up for the gap in the domestic epidemic prevention materials market

yangxinchun said that in 2020, CGNPC closely focused on the a+ development strategy and promoted significant progress in a number of landmark projects in the application field of high-end nuclear technology along the direction of more beauty, safety and health. In the field of nuclear environmental protection, the electron beam pollution treatment technology jointly developed by CGNPC and the Nuclear Research Institute of Tsinghua University has realized the implementation of several demonstration projects in the fields of industrial wastewater, medical wastewater, antibiotic residue, pharmaceutical wastewater, landfill leachate treatment, etc

on June 5, 2020, the world's largest e-beam industrial wastewater treatment project was completed and put into operation in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. The project realized the online operation of seven electron accelerators, with a daily wastewater treatment capacity of 30000 tons, marking that China's independently innovative e-beam pollution treatment technology is in the forefront of the world and has entered the stage of large-scale commercial application. On November 19, China's first demonstration project for the treatment of medical wastewater by electron beam irradiation was officially put into operation in Xiyuan Hospital, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. The project can effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the hospital medical waste water, and the daily treatment of waste water can reach 400 tons. At the same time, China's first e-beam harmless treatment of antibiotic residues demonstration project in Yining, Xinjiang will soon be put into operation. The project can not only effectively remove antibiotic residues, but also retain the organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in antibiotic residues, so as to realize the resource reuse of wastes. In addition, CGNPC signed an agreement with Heze, Shandong Province, to build the world's largest single project of on-line treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater with 8 electron accelerators, with a daily treatment capacity of 40000 tons of pharmaceutical wastewater, which can effectively remove various cytotoxic substances from pharmaceutical wastewater

in addition to disinfection and pollution control, electron beam irradiation technology can also be applied to food preservation. It is reported that in 2020, with the help of science and technology, the nuclear technology company took the lead in building China's first e-beam irradiation and Preservation Demonstration Center in the origin of agricultural products, which was launched and operated in Baise, Guangxi on October 29. As a major poverty alleviation project of CGN science and technology industry, it can provide electron beam irradiation preservation service for agricultural products for farmers within 200 kilometers around Baise, effectively extend the preservation period of agricultural products, realize peak shift sales, and increase farmers' income

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