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On April 15, the 13th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition was held in Beijing. At this exhibition, as the largest nuclear power enterprise under construction in the world, China Guangdong nuclear power group exhibited its group's 12 major nuclear power scientific research achievements

at the China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition, the major scientific research achievements exhibited by CGNPC include the third generation nuclear power technology Hualong 1 with independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by CGNPC and CNNC, the self owned brand advanced fuel assemblies suitable for the second generation improved and third generation commercial pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants, the multi-purpose small pressurized water reactor series reactor types The product platform of nuclear level digital I & C system is firm. However, many shipyards do not know what tensile testing machine sys, elastic series simulator of megawatt nuclear power plant, passive emergency high-level water source, reactor control rod drive mechanism, special robot for nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel loading and unloading machine, plasma solid waste melting and volume reduction treatment technology, pit filter, IVR experiment and engineering application are used

in recent years, with the development of new nuclear power models as the main line, with the goal of owning core intellectual property rights and promoting nuclear power to go global, relying on seven national R & D centers and comprehensive thermal hydraulic and safety laboratories, CGNPC has gradually formed a scientific and technological innovation and technological R & D system combining production, learning and research, and developed a large number of achievements that have an important impact on the development of the nuclear power industry

it is reported that in order to improve nuclear safety and self-determination capability and create world-class operation and engineering performance, CGN has determined four strategic projects and 20 peak plans for hualong-1, advanced fuel assemblies, small reactors and advanced nuclear energy systems, accelerated the formation of a new pattern with nuclear power technology as the main and renewable energy and new business technologies developing at the same time, and achieved the success of hualong-1 R & D A series of major achievements, such as firmsys, the product platform of nuclear level digital I & C system, have made breakthroughs in many key fields that restrict the development of nuclear power in China, which is of great significance to realize the upgrading of nuclear power technology in China, improve the level of nuclear power safety development, and promote China's nuclear power to go "Langsheng has set up a high-performance plastic plant in China without Tin

by the end of March 2014, CGNPC had 9 nuclear power units in operation, with a total installed capacity of 9.41 million KW, accounting for 59% of the total installed capacity of nuclear power in operation in mainland China. There are 15 units under construction with a total installed capacity of 17.72 million KW, accounting for more than 54% of the total installed capacity of nuclear power under construction in mainland China, ranking first among nuclear power enterprises in the world

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